The Doctors of Audiology at Hearing Zone strive to help people hear better and improve their quality of life.

Hearing Services

We are committed to excellence in service. At Hearing Zone, you will be treated with kindness and respect. You will receive the most excellent hearing services available from some of the most experienced and caring professionals in the country.


Latest Technology Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are designed to have a variety of model types and options for users. The correct model and type of hearing aid for your hearing loss depends on the recommendation of your Hearing Zone Audiologist.


Ear Protection

When your hearing is damaged by continued and excessive loudness, irreversible damage can occur. Filtered sound plugs block out harsh sounds while allowing normal clear sound into the ear canal. There are many options to choose from when it comes to sound plugs, including color and filter type.


Meet Our Team Of Experienced Doctors

Independently owned and operated to guarantee the highest quality of service for our patients.
  • Garr J. Crookston, AuD Garr J. Crookston, AuD Alameda/Oakland CA, Doctor of Audiology More
  • Courtney Cook, AuD Courtney Cook, AuD Alameda/Oakland CA, Doctor of Audiology More
  • Anish Thakkar, AuD Anish Thakkar, AuD Alameda/Oakland CA, Doctor of Audiology More
  • Jane Trauba Sliheet, AuD Jane Trauba Sliheet, AuD Alameda/Oakland CA, Doctor of Audiology More

Hearing Services

We are committed to excellence in service. At Hearing Zone, you will be treated with kindness and respect. You will receive the most excellent hearing services available from some of the most experienced and caring professionals in the country. We look forward to helping you hear better soon!

Hearing Aids

Hearing Solutions

hearing solutions

Anyone can sell you a hearing aid. At Hearing Zone we provide hearing solutions. The ability to hear and understand words varies from individual to individual.  But unlike the static lenses in glasses, your hearing aids will need continual adjustment to adapt to the users preferences. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to develop a working relationship with an Audiologist. We understand hearing aids are a big life change and we are here to make sure you receive the greatest benefit.


Hearing Aid Brands

hearing aid brands

There are many hearing aid brands, and the correct hearing aid for your lifestyle and hearing loss is not a decision taken lightly. Our Audiologists have the experience and education to correctly determine which hearing aid will benefit you the most.




We are proud to be one of the select offices in the United States to offer Lyric Hearing to its patients. Lyric is the first extended wear hearing device that is 100% invisible. It is comfortably placed in the ear canal by a Lyric trained hearing professional and can be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for up to 4 months at a time.1 No surgery or anesthesia is required.


Cleaning a hearing aid

cleaning a hearing aid

Cleaning a hearing aid is important to the longevity of the device. Your Audiologist will show you the necessary tools to clean your hearing aid.


Latest Clinic News

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Hot off the press!

Extra Extra Read all about it!  Dr. Courtney Cook has your holiday tips for hearing all you love this holiday season.    The article can be reading the text bellow or by clicking here.  hearingzonedoctors.com/…/Seniors_11_15_17.pdf With the holidays quickly approaching, Hearing Zone would like to give some helpful communication skills to use with your loved ones […]

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Newspaper article by Dr. Anish Thakkar, Au.D.

Newspaper article by Dr. Anish Thakkar, Au.D. was recently published in the Piedmont Post providing educational information regarding modern advances in hearing technology.   Dr. Thakkar is the resident Audiologist for Hearing Zone Alameda and Oakland California.  

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Holiday Hours

Both offices will be closed on the following days for the upcoming holidays: Thursday, December 24; Friday, December 25; Thursday, December 31; and Friday January 1. Happy Holidays from Hearing Zone!


What Our Patients Are Saying

  • Barry Parker Barry Parker PatientAlameda, CA
    I went to Dr. Thakkar in the Alameda office after seeing another audiologist and he was able to get the audio gram from them. He took the time to thoroughly explain my problems in a way I could fully understand. Then after a series of questions about my daily hearing needs and desires, he described the pros and cons of several hearing aids that were very familiar to him. He also explained the office visit adjustments necessary to give me the optimum results and the reasonable all inclusive costs for the products and office fine tuning. I was very happy with his staff, his knowledge, his professionalism and caring manner and look forward to great results.
  • Krishna Patel Krishna Patel PatientAlameda, CA
    I ride BART and attend concerts regularly, so went here for custom musician’s plugs. Dr Thakkar expertly took my impressions, and made sure they fit well. He even buffed down my left one to make it less tight. Very knowledgeable and professional!
  • Danielle Carrillo Danielle Carrillo PatientOakland, CA
    Fantastic customer service from start to finish! Dr Thakker and Myra are all about putting the customer first and keeping you informed of everything along the way. I went to them seeking a set of custom ear plugs, and when the first product didn’t quite work for me, there was no hesitation in finding an alternative and making sure I was happy with the end result.
  • Jakob Pek Jakob Pek PatientOakland, CA
    Get in the zone! The Hearing Zone! Have been going to this place for years. They have molded my ear canal more than once. Kind, professional, down to earth doctors who love all the ear offers! Highly recommended! They take care of their people.
  • Natalie Kudlicki Natalie Kudlicki PatientOakland, CA
    Incredibly friendly, great customer service, affordable. I called this morning and they were able to see me and my boyfriend together this afternoon for an ear cleaning. We had a good time talking with Dr. Thakkar and learning about our ears – such a good time that I didn’t want to leave ;-). Highly recommend for friendly and affordable ear “things”.
  • Rick E. Rick E. PatientOakland, CA
    Dr. Ray Crookston and the Hearing Zone are amazing!

    I first walked into the Hearing Zone in 2008. Dr. Crookston performed a thorough evaluation of my hearing loss, and then spent the next NINE MONTHS helping me test out, adjust, and select the perfect solution for my needs. It’s not that I’m incredibly picky or anything – he wouldn’t stop with an almost-right solution.

    This year when I needed to replace my original aids, he knew all about all the changes that had happened in the field in the four years that had passed – he stays very current. There’s absolutely no sales pressure – finding the right solution is his top priority.

    If you have trouble hearing in a noisy restaraunt, or sometimes feel left out of a conversation in a group of friends, don’t put it off – go see Dr. Crookston! You’ll be astonished how much you were missing.

  • Dorothy S. Dorothy S. Client Oakland, CA
    I came here because, not only is it in my neighborhood, but there are beautiful oil paintings hung throughout the office, creating a lovely, and non-medical environment. Dr. Courtney Crooks is delightful, friendly, and thoroughly professional. She took pains to see that I had the right hearing aids for me, and over a period of weeks made sure that they were adjusted correctly for my hearing capacity. I couldn’t be happier with the results, and, what’s more, I know that any problem will be taken care of in a caring manner.
  • Kim L. Kim L. ClientOakland, CA
    I’ve been wearing hearing aids since I was 19. At age 45, I was do for a new aid and before Ray, hated the process. Walking into the space I was immediately treated like they knew me. He helped me walk through the process and was funny, kind, very honest and I felt like more down to earth. He’s a fantastic Dr. and really cares about the outcome. They even loaned me two aids for a couple of weeks just to test out what it was like to wear aids in both ears (which I have yet to step up to).
    I don’t know a lot of people my age who ear hearing aids, but if I did these are the folks to go see. They are contemporary, sweet, caring and actually very cool.

    Seriously, I am a life long customer now.

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